Las Vegas Places to Visit

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Perhaps no other city in the world has so many epithets as Las Vegas has-‘Sin City’, ‘City of Lights’, ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, and the ‘Gambling Capital of the World’ to name a few. No wonder then that wanderlust tourists and revelers looking to cash in on their fortunes flock to the gambling grottos and casinos in Las Vegas. Of course there are better things to see and do in the largest city in Nevada. You should make sure that you are in contact with professional tourism planners before you start your journey. Whether it is a DWI case or planning tours, you always need professionals.

  1. The Strip

They say that if you’ve haven’t been to ‘The Strip’, you haven’t seen Las Vegas. The Strip-a boulevard stretching from Sahara Avenue to Russell Road- is the most visited area or zone in Las Vegas. Most of the city’s high-end hotels, casinos, and amusement centers are lined on both sides of the boulevard. There’s no way you can miss ‘The Strip’ if you’re venturing into Las Vegas by road. Visit the Stratosphere at the Northern extremity and the Mandalay Bay at the southern end.

  1. Bellagio Casino and Fountains

You’ll definitely be enthralled when you stand in front of the balustrade facing the Bellagio Casino where a son-et-lumiere is held at an interval of 20-30 minutes. And if you want to try your hand at Texas Hold Em Poker or play a round of Russian roulette, step inside the casino.

  1. Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam located to the Southeast of Vegas is a sight to behold. The gigantic weir that has been meeting the electricity needs of California, Nevada, and Arizona for almost a century of late has been attracting close to a million tourists annually.

  1. Fremont Street

Fremont Street vies with The Strip for attracting the visitors. Head to Fremont Street late in the evening to feast your eyes on the dazzling light show on the giant Viva Vision LED screen and walk the concourse which is longer than the extent of five playground placed side by side.

  1. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Travel across the 18-mile long route leading to the Grand Canyon, for a whiff of fresh air when the ritzy, dazzling atmosphere of Las Vegas makes you feel claustrophobic.

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