Places you must visit when you’re in Las Vegas

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As a wanderlust tourist constantly seeking thrill and excitement, you’ll have a hard time making up your mind what to do and what not to in Las Vegas-the largest city in Nevada that perfectly deserves the epithet ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. This glam city has also earned other sobriquets including ‘The gambling capital of the world’, ‘Sin City’, ‘Capital of second chances’ and ‘The marriage capital of the world’ to name a few.

Think of gambling, night life, high-end dining, and living life to the hilt, and Las Vegas instinctively comes to your mind. The city has so many sightseeing attractions that choosing the top-notch ones that should be on your must-see list is a daunting task. Nevertheless, the following sites are usually there on any tourist’s travel itinerary.

The Strip

‘The Strip’-a 2.5 mile or 4kms long boulevard easily qualifies as the nerve-centre of Las Vegas. Crisscrossing the city in a northwestern to southeastern direction, the thoroughfare is dotted with casinos, plush hotels, high-end restaurants, and gregarious entertainment centers. Extending from the Treasure Island Hotel to the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the avenue looks resplendent at night as the never-ending stream of neon signs and illumination from the edifices on either side of the street switches on daylight, well almost.

Bellagio Resort

If you want to have a spectacular view of the son-et-lumiere without paying a penny, then just position yourself on the sidewalk facing the Bellagio Resort situated on 3600 S Las Vegas Boulevard. The mammoth hotel complex also lets you have a peek inside an art gallery and a botanical garden.

Caesar’s Palace

Want to catch Celine Dion, Elton John or Beyonce Knowles performing live? Then book your seat at ‘The Colosseum’ fronting the Caesar’s Palace Hotel on 3750 Las Vegas Boulevard.

Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower will never go out of your view no matter wherever you’re in Las Vegas. This tower shoots up to a height of 1,149 feet making it the highest standalone observation tower in the US. Soak the skyline of the city by going to the rooftop.

Shark Reef Aquarium in Mandalay Bay

The Shark Reef Aquarium is a gigantic 1, 300, 000-gallon aquatic reservoir where you’ll be able to feast your eyes on different species of sharks, sting rays, fishes, and other marine invertebrates.

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